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Fundadores de SCAN/ SCAN Founders

Pedro Font Alba is an architect and collector. Originally from Sevilla, he has studied and worked in Sevilla, New York and London, which is his current and long-time home. He holds architecture degrees from University of Sevilla and an M.Arch in Design from the Bartlett, UCL. He is a director of a major international architectural practice and for many years has taught design at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. His interest in art began during his years in New York, and grew into a serious passion in London. Strong friendships with artists and other art-followers has only encouraged and abetted his now quite established habit. Pedro also loves eating fish on the beach and snorkelling in calm waters.


Bruce Irwin studied art and architecture at Rhode Island School of Design, where he earned both a BFA and a B.Arch. He earned an M.Arch from the Bartlett, UCL. He has worked as an architect and interior designer and a teacher of architecture and design in New York, Rhode Island, and London. From the start his career has straddled the line between art and commerce- and his experience includes periods working for artists like Maya Lin and Vito Acconci and for designers such as Michael Kors. Previously he also was a partner in New York collaborative design studio Bunny. He currently teaches and is module leader of an interior design course and works with private design clients, and is collaborating on a writing project with a New York based filmmaker. Bruce enjoys colour, something he has explored in both professional and personal work.  When not teaching or designing he can often be found reading or exploring food markets. He is also advocates frequent wandering and getting lost.


Dolores Victoria (Lola) Ruiz Garrido is an architect from La Carolina, Jaén. She has an MPhil in Art and History. A founding partner of Semisótano Arquitectos, Lola has been developing a personal project to bridge architectural understanding and people through culture and sustainability. She is the creator of the National Quick Paint Competition of her hometown, an open event with a strong social commitment that she ran successfully for 11 editions. At the Architectural Association in London, Lola is directing The Little Architect, a program aimed at children, promoting drawing and observation of the built environment. She hates shopping shoes, loves coffee and wine equally and she would like to have breakfast three times a day.


Juan José Ruiz Martín is an architect originally from Almería. He studied in Seville and moved to London at the invitation of Sir Peter Cook. He is a founding partner of Semisótano Arquitectos, practicing in Spain for more than 13 years. Semisótano has received awards in several international and national competitions. Juanjo has worked for many years on development projects, focusing on the need to connect local communities to the design process, a topic on which he is passionate. At the AA Summer School 2012, he pushed his students to be more active and creative in their urban installations, promoting guerilla actions. He likes to run, jump and swims better if it is following a ball. Miraculously he doesn’t have any grey hair yet.

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