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4/5 and 7-12 December 2015

Daily 4 to 8pm or by appointment

Opening Reception

Thursday, 3 December 2015, 6 to 9pm

The artist will be present during the entire exhibition period.

Olivier von Schulthess has the great pleasure to invite you and your friends to Rosana Antolí’s first Solo Exhibition in Switzerland.

‘Lo que no se ve - What cannot be seen -, can open a new space in our imaginations, one where we can consider the importance of that which does not reveal itself, that which does not have a form or is not articulable by words, about the hidden mechanisms of control and power, or why, between all the knowledge that we ascertain and let us sense society, culture, and the world around us, the visible is what we prefer. Instead of this, however, we are exploring how to narrate absence, of the heroic act of daring to fail without hiding oneself, and of the vertigo that one feels when coming face to face with something unnameable that language has not yet considered.‘

Antolí’s work is focused on the intersection of art, politics and everyday life. Her practice combines performance, moving image and drawing. She is an artist that specialises predominantly in fictionalised narratives in relation to different materials, and currently she is experimenting with choreography and dance. The utopian character is central to her practice, and consequently the failure and absurdity of the actions involved.

Rosana Antolí was born in Alcoi, Spain and lives and works in London.

This year she got awarded by Royal British Society of Sculptors Award (UK), BBVA National Video Art Prize (Spain), International Emerging Artist Award (Dubai, UAE), and Gasworks International Fellowship (London-Colombia).

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